Creating Effective E-Commerce Landing Pages For Social Media

Creating Effective E-Commerce Landing Pages For Social Media

Where possible, you want your landing page to match the expectations of the potential customer when they click your ad. From an ad creative perspective, your social media ads need to accurately reflect your brand through the use of brand colours, brand fonts and the influencers you choose to work with. Then the landing page needs to be aligned with the messaging of your ads.

Hypothetically if your ads are promoting a Black Friday discount, but there is no mention of a Black Friday offer on the landing page this will cause confusion. Equally, if you are promoting a collagen supplement which is designed to promote hair growth, but your landing page highlights a different USP e.g. strong nails it could confuse a potential customer. However, it’s also important to test multiple angles in ads too.

Therefore, for ecommerce brands there are two main solutions. The first option is to prioritise your brand or products USPs on the landing page. To decide the order you can analyse the CTR and CVR of your top performing ads to understand which angles are most appealing to potential customers. The second option is to create identical landing pages with different headlines depending on the ad creative angles.

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