Influencer Marketing Consultancy

Why Us

Our unique approach

Consultancy is the perfect solution for brands and agencies looking for strategic thinking to supercharge an influencer marketing campaign.

As a brand or agency it can be difficult to know how to maximise the effectiveness of a diverse influencer marketing campaign, or how to strike the right tone, or how to approach topics with cultural sensitivity. That’s where we come in. We have years of experience solving challenging problems for brands and agencies. We bring a diverse team with expertise in inclusion and diversity consulting and creative marketing. Our methods are well thought out and proven through Fayrli’s own successful inclusion and diversity efforts, as well as our work with clients.

To ensure that we provide the right solutions for our clients we always seek to understand the core issues. By getting down to the crux of the problem, we are able to provide insightful recommendations that either solve the problem or outline the steps required to do so. 

Video Call Consultations

Our free 30-minute video call consultations are primarily used as an information gathering exercise. On the call, you will speak to a member of the team who will spend time getting to understand the influencer marketing challenges facing your business. We will provide you with free advice based on our experience but to really maximise our expertise we recommend combining a video call consultation with our campaign planning, or audit.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Planning

We can support brands and agencies with influencer marketing campaign planning. This collaborative approach to influencer marketing campaigns can be particularly effective if your brand or agency is seeking additional support on reaching diverse audiences, finding diverse talent, or ensuring that any campaigns which feature minority groups are both positive and accurate in their portrayal of lived experiences. We can provide ad-hoc support as and when required throughout a campaign from ideation through to post campaign reviews.

Influencer Marketing Audits

Our influencer marketing audits can be effective if your brand or agency already runs influencer marketing campaigns at scale. We discover the gaps, we identify the trends, and we spot the opportunities that will help your brand grow. We achieve this by turning the data into actionable insights which can increase the ROI that your brand or agency sees from influencer marketing activity.