Influencer Marketing Strategy

Why Us

Our unique approach

Our in-house team of dedicated influencer marketing strategists work to uncover insights which help shape an influencer marketing ROADmap. Each ROADmap is tailor-made for your business as we understand that no two businesses are the same. Once the ROADmap is complete your business will be able to implement the recommendations to launch an influencer marketing programme, or improve the performance of your current campaigns.

Influencer Marketing ROADmaps

Following an initial consultation call, we’ll begin creating an influencer marketing ROADmap for your brand. The ‘R’ stands for research. During this phase the focus will be on defining your brands target audience on social media and analysing the competition. The ‘O’ stands for opportunities. This is where we will outline where the opportunities lie for your brand and how your individual brand can collaborate with influencers to achieve your objectives. The ‘A’ stands for action. It is the most integral part of the ROADmap because this section contains the influencer marketing strategy and a tactical plan of action that will guide you. Lastly, the ‘D’ stands for data. In the final section we’ll explain the data that your brand should be evaluating at each stage of the journey as you implement the strategy and execute the tactical plan.